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StreetMetrics is the next generation of Audience Intelligence Software for moving OOH.

StreetMetrics leverages the industry’s largest supply of high-quality traffic + mobile location data as a foundation for its robust and intelligent tools to help you increase your ad revenue.
Leverage our industry leading technology to take the mobility data (real-time or historical) from your advertising vehicle to give you the insights and reports that media buyers need when buying advertising on your assets.
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Use real-world data to target your next advertising campaign. Learn more about Smart Campaigns.


Know who is seeing your ad with up to date measurement tools and audience profiles.


Provide your advertisers the end-of-campaign ROI they demand.


Leverage a world of insights that will take your advertising business to new heights!

Advertisers Demand ROI

Give them actionable insights with ease

StreetMetrics proprietary technology leverages traffic + mobile location data to measure the real-world intersection between people and your assets and provides the following metrics:

  • Impressions: to measure the size of your audience and validate the price of your ad
  • Dwell Time: to measure how long people are exposed to your message

We understand data can be overwhelming, that’s why StreetMetrics turns ‘big data’ in to smart data. Your success is important to us. Our support team is always here to help.

  • Ask about becoming a Premiere Data Partner – Exclusive access to StreetMetrics’ data analyst team, one-on-one support, training, data interpretation, and customized reporting.
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StreetMetrics uses contextualized mobile location data to develop an extensive profile of the people who intersect with your assets, generating the following metrics:

  • Demographics, so you know who your audience is (age, education, income, ethnicity, median household income, and median home value)
  • Consumer Behaviors, so you understand what your audience does (such as coffee drinkers, business travelers, or pet lovers)
  • Common Evening Locations, so you know where your audience lives (census blocks and zip codes)
Manage + Reporting

Generate and deliver actionable reports for your clients. Advertisers demand ROI reporting; give it to them with speed and simplicity.

  • Manage your campaigns, assets, and reporting in one central location.
  • Provide your advertisers with end-of-campaign reporting with speed and simplicity right from the platform.

In Store Visitation + Online Ad Re-Targeting

Take moving OOH to the next level! Learn who came in contact with your moving advertisement and re-target them with advertising social + our In App ad network. Plus, determine if the exposed audience took action and showed up in your specific place of business.


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